Welcome post: YELLOW PILLOW



Pillow is one of the necessary luxury of life. A poet needs it, so does a musician, and an artist as well. It has been craved by those handful of mortals who could dare to dream in this arid world of reality, only to float aimlessly in the bizarre and impossible realm of creativity. And if you are like one of them, then for you as well my dear friend, pillow is never just a support or a mere comfort to the aching necks. Rather a dear company and possibly a sole one in some of your longest nights. It is the one whom you clutch silently while tormenting through your nightmares. It is the one who faithfully hides all your dreams and fantasies deep within its feathers, discretely and silently.

As artist, we all have our very own pillows. Our intangible and magical friend. Pillows like those, can trace and whisper back to us where we have been lost in reverie for hours and days. It is from here that idea takes form, the words find rhythm and lyric mates with music. What color will the pillows be then, other than yellow, the brightest of all the hues?!!

We welcome you all to grab our yellow pillow and enjoy the free ride of the visual images of the dreams and hopes of four young artists and art teachers of Hyderabad, Piu Mahapatra, Sunil Chawdiker, Visweswara Rao B, M.S. Vasu and YELL WOW!!

                                                                                                    Welcome note by:  Piu Mahapatra



‘Silk Route’

Title: Silk route

Medium: Twistable crayons, graphite pencil, buff paper

Artist: Piu Mahapatra

Artists do not work in isolation. Their immediate makes impact on the creative minds. We react and respond to certain news or articles in certain ways. Human trafficking is one such news which keeps haunting me back and forth. ‘Silk route’ was the ancient network of trade routes where the cultural interactions happened between east and west. Chinese silk was the most lucrative trade of that time. These routes were our pride for centuries. The trade is still lucrative but the goods have changed and so has our pride. The bar codes used in the background of the female figures along with the red dot, mostly found in packed food items, to associate with woman as the most lucrative consuming product  for trafficking.  ………Piu

Work shop –Experimenting with textures and mediums.

work shop

“If have knowledge, lets other light their candles in It.” by Margaret fuller am fully agree with this quote. In this regard, I conducted my second workshop for students. First I had conducted in Goa for school children’s along with my friend couple of years before. It was a wonderful experience sharing my wood cut printing and stain glass painting knowledge with them. After that, due to my busy schedule and lots of other commitments I was unable to conduct similar workshop after that.

Recently four of energetic artists/teachers form a group called Yellow Pillows. The main aim of our group is to facilitate young creative minds who want to take art at the par. Our group not only cater young minds but contributing large amount of time for self development by practicing in studio longer hours.

I am an artist and also art facilitator for some of the international schools in India.I like teaching but my passion for art not allowing me to sleep in peace. After lots of meetings and discussions we conducted our first event On 16 July 2016. It was a group art exhibition, along with exhibition we conducted workshop for students.

Thou, basically I am a figurative painter, but most of the time I experiments with different mediums’.I do not believe that artist should follow only one type of theme or technique. I listen to my mind and I express my feelings depends upon situation .if I feel to paint landscape I go ahead with that, I hardly matter to me how others react to that.

As I said earlier, I was convinced my fellow group member to demonstrate painting technique which I have discovered recently. It is very simple, but slight tricky, but at the end result amazing. I incorporate various mediums while creating works, such as texture white, thick textured paper, strings and many more. Fundamental of art is very important for creating quality artworks. We make sure everyone aware of it. After introducing different mediums I started process. It was a totally new experience for students to deal with medium such as texture, cutting intricate paper shapes and rearranging keeping balance and composition in mind. After completion of artworks all students enjoy thoroughly. Again it was wonderful experience with students and fellow group members to share my knowledge and in return learning something new from them.

By Sunil Chawdiker





Fly away babies!

Flyaway baby 1

Medium: water color on buff paper

Thoughts behind:

Spring has a vivacity. Almost like a woman. It oozes her warmth from deep beneath the chore and seeps it into everything and anything around, quietly and discreetly. Initially you can only feel her advancing. You might breathe her in the air, feel her through your toes. And then, all of a sudden, you can see her! Bursting out, rejoicing, celebrating her power to enchant, engulf and break lose all the mortals and immortals, significant and mundane of life. My flyaway babies have just been enthralled by her charm. Here they are uncased, soaring freely in the tepid spring breeze….Piu Mahapatra

‘And you thought only birds can fly??!!’ ……Piu Mahapatra

'And you thought only birds can fly??!!'
‘And you thought only birds can fly??!!’

Title: And you thought, only birds can fly!!

Medium: water color on buff paper

Thoughts behind:

Spring is all about blossoms, breeze and basking in the sun. It is also the time when the Adeniums on my terrace starts to float. It’s like magic being unfolded! The knotted legumes pop as the wind teases and out come the wild flying newborns! Unfettered, aimless, euphoric- they unfurl their wings. They soar and drift in the thick and sticky winds of Hyderabad. None can contain them. I wish I could enjoy spring the way they do.

Exhibition: Exhibited in Ailamma art gallery, 2016 celebrating Women’s Day.